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Sports massage involves a combination of techniques stretching, compression, friction, toning and trigger point response much like acupressure & shiatsu. Ultimately,it is based upon the Swedish massage technique, but the contribution and involvement of other techniques is not uncommon.  
Despite the name, a sports massage is not solely designed for use on sports participants or fitness fanatics. Individuals in physically, and/or emotionally demanding jobs can also benefit due to overexertion of muscle capability, or because it is a belief widely held that emotional issues can be physically manifest in form of illness.
Sports massage is also good for people with injuries, chronic pain or restricted range of motion.
We generally concentrate on a specific area e.g. sore neck and shoulders, calves and use trigger points therapy, to break down knots in muscles and increase better range of motion.
Athletes in particular can benefit from three part scheme outlined below;
Different sports draw upon the use of different groups within the body, and regular massage treatment  to the relevant muscle groups delivered by a therapist with a sound knowledge of the anatomy that is applicable to the client's sport, can assist the athlete to maintain or even enhance their range of motion and flexibility.
Perhaps the two of the most conceivable sports massage techniques and pre and post event massages. These massage takes place, as you may guessed, before and after a sporting event.
The purpose of a pre event is to contribute to an athlete's warm up and enhance circulation whilst reducing excess muscle tension prior to competition. The purpose of a post - event is to reduce muscle spasm and metabolic build ups that are resultant to physical exertion.
As mentioned above, muscle cramp, tear, bruise and ache.
The purpose of rehabilitation massage technique is to reduce spasm pain in affected muscle groups through the manipulation of trigger points. It should also act as a catalyst for the body's own natural healing ability and reduce any experiences of discomfort throughout a reliability period.
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