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Margaret & Tish Elphick

I started therapy with Dave 2 years ago.  My daughter wanted to see a sports therapist as she was getting pain in her shins when running,  so I thought I would give it a try, really not expecting it to help.
I was hit by a car in my early twenties with consequent damage and when I reached 40 things were starting to get very difficult.  The main problem has been muscle spasms from my lower back to my shoulders, very stiff painful neck and bubble type lumps under the skin on my sides that were extremely painful. 
Over the years I have tried doctors, Chiropractic’s, pain killers but nothing has made a long term improvement.
So, my first visit to Dave was an experience I will remember, whilst painful it was not the same type of pain as the muscle spasms.  Afterwards, the muscles in my back were very tender but the spasms had stopped and I could move my head, a little more than I could,  to look sideways which is very helpful  when driving.
After 6 months I felt I had about 65% of my life back, I was more mobile, sometimes uncomfortable and occasionally the muscle spasms returned for short periods but I was able to deal with these better and Dave was able to help if it became bad.
Now 2 years later I still see Dave about every 6 weeks to stay at my best. The damage from the car accident is still there but I have freedom of movement and what I would suspect are normal aches and pains. I am able to walk my dogs, carefully work on my allotment, DIY, work full time and soon be a grandma.
I am very grateful to Dave for making it possible for me to have my life back. I wish him the best in the world.

Dave McMullen

Masters Cyclocross World Champion 60-65 age group,  2 times
Masters Cyclocross National Champion  9 times

I was first treated by Dave 2 years ago (2015) on the recommendation of a friend. 

I am a Bicycle Racer specializing in a branch of the sport called Cyclo Cross. Its off road, muddy fields and tracks and sometimes you have to run carrying your  bike, my races are 40minutes to 1 hour duration, so its pretty tough on the whole body. Pre season I train 6 days a week, sometimes 3 sessions a day. During the racing season, September to February I compete every Saturday and Sunday, training during the week.

I am retired from work so race and train full time. I've been racing bikes since I was 10 years old (had a few years off in that time). I'm now 65 years old and still racing.

I've had lots of massage, physio, oesteopath treatments over the years and can honestly say Dave is THE BEST massage I've ever been treated by.

Most of Daves work on me is to relieve trigger points or knots. He is incredibly intuitive at finding and fixing underlining  problems. 

In the past I've had sleepless nights due to knots and cramps, Daves treatment has completely stopped that happening. After each session I have an amazing feeling of wellbeing.

As a result of my sport and advancing years I will never be completely free of knots, aches etc. but having Dave treat me every 3 to 5 weeks 
enables me to enjoy what I do and recover between training and racing.

Emma Grant
Road cyclist

Dave works wonders on my overworked legs. 90 minutes of it hurts so good pain and I have a new set of legs! Maintaining suppleness and good range of motion is key in pursuit of my goals in the sport. I can't thank Dave enough and am so grateful for his support. Dave has healing hands, fact!

Ross Kemp

TV Journalist and Actor

Having had massages for over 30 years, Dave Harper has to be one of the best therapists, it has been my good fortune to be treated by Dave. My job can be stressful and physically demanding, Dave is a good medicine.

Kevin Pieterson

Former England cricket captain, and TV commentator.

Dave is a fantastic massage therapist with a incredible amount of knowledge in regards to how the body works & what it needs to perform.

I have been very impressed with how Dave manages to pick out certain points on the body that need work without me even mentioning it - that's a great skill & quality to have.

I cannot recommend Dave highly enough.

Joern Ewert

Dave came highly recommended through my chiropracticer and exceeded the expectations. I had been looking for a new massage therapists for some time after the previous one moved away.
I am a customer of Dave for several years now and I am extremely satisfied. I see him on a weekly basis for the last 12 month due to a back injury and his efforts and skills are in support of the efforts that my physio and PT make. 
He is very courteous and also quite entertaining which helps to get through the painful parts of the therapy.


James Taylor

have been using Dave regularly for massage therapy regularly over the past few years. Having suffered a spinal injury and now using a wheelchair, I get significant problems with my upper limbs, back, neck and shoulders. My sessions with Dave are of great benefit, reducing tightness and pain and significantly improving my upper limb mobility. 
I have used different people over the years for massage therapy and Dave is the best by a long way. I can highly recommend Dave.