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Meet some of my clients
Madonna Blyth (Capt) & Jade Warrender.

I was very fortunate enough to work with the Australian Ladies Hockey Squad, during their time in the Uk. There were competing in the World League in London, in which they won. In this picture are two of the players...from left to right.
Veronique Rees
1st place Figure model, 1st place Muscle model, 1st place, Over 40's, 1st place Yummy mummy, and 3rd place Fitness short class
Dave I owe you so much, you have been the best support to me, but more than anything you got my muscle to do what they needed to do ! getting ready for a comp. I needed the best professional care and advice to get me there, and you have definitely done a fantastic job on me ! I value your contribution Dave ! one of these trophies is definitely yours !THANK YOU

Elaine Morgan-Barr

I have been visiting Dave for almost a year. I suffer with back, shoulder and neck pain from everyday work. Dave knows where the problem areas are and works them effectively, without causing too much pain! Dave has an ability to focus in on the problematic areas causing trouble, and often finds other areas I didn’t even know about!  I was amazed how improved my neck felt after just one session. He has great professionalism and an ability to put you at ease with his restful presence and good sense of humour. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dave to anybody. I really look forward to my regular massage.

Jenna Randall - GB Synchronized Swimming

I have been a full time athlete for over 7 years now and with my intense training regime my body is left in pieces. I have had many sports massages in my sporting career but Dave is definitely without a doubt the best therapist, ever. He has an amazing ability to pinpoint the problem areas quickly and to work on a very deep level when necessary. I leave my appointments feeling reconnected to my body, released from pain and in a much happier, relaxed place. Thank you so much, you are with out of doubt a massage god!! Everyone should get the chance to experience your healing, magical hands!

Rich Berry

I began having treatments with Dave several months occur due to persistent shoulder and upper back pains, that were preventing me from performing many exercises at the gym.

 I had seen several physiotherapists previously without success in dealing with the issues. After just a few treatments with Dave I was able to begin performing those same exercises that I had not been able to complete for years.

Dave offers an extremely and professional service. He spends a full hour with you in his sessions, and unlike many therapists I have seen in past years, you actually receive a full hour in treatment, as well as time taken to discuss your issues.
Dave hands-on approach to therapy I feel has been greatly beneficial to me.

I have recommended Dave to friends and family, who have also been extremely happy with the service he provides.

Jerome Lagden

I have been having treatments from Dave once a week for over six months now. He helps me keep in top shape and to keep hitting my training goals. Having had sports massage for the last twenty years I can confidently say that Dave is the best therapist I have ever seen.

Gordon Garner

I have played sport all my life and since retiring a few years ago I try to play golf 2-3 times a week.  Dave visits me one a month for a back and shoulder massage which I find invaluable.  Every little ache or pain Dave will work on which enables me to stay supple and keeps me on the golf course.  Dave is a great guy who puts you instantly at ease and provides a first class massage.

Vanessa Sherlock

Having had on-going back problems since my early 20's I have had many massages over the years but I can honestly say Dave is the best!!.  The massages have help me greatly with back/hip/hamstring problems and I would recommend him to anyone looking for lasting results, Dave's professional and friendly manner, knowledge and advice mean I will continue to return to Dave for treatments time after time. 

Antony Bayne-Charles

Dave diagnosed my problem quickly...he then followed through with some good treatment that directed the pain away from my knee. The rehabilitation exercises he gave me were based around my sport, which gave me an even quicker and effective recovery. I felt the service was very personal and uplifting keeping my spirits high during such a low period in my sporting career. Dave's magic hands thank you again your truly blessed.

Cara Lewis

Dave was recommended to me by nearly all the people I train with at bootcamp.
I had been suffering from severe hip and quad discomfort after to many events close together 
and of course not enough stretching before or after.
Dave has healing hands he finds tightness in you that you never knew existed .I look forward to my massage and love that my body is left feeling as it should.
Dave has a professional and friendly manner and I recommend him to everyone.

Nick Beal

"I've been seeing Dave for a couple of years now, he delivers an outstanding massage, at excellent value and with good banter thrown in.  Good deep tissue sports therapists are hard to come by, so finding Dave has been very beneficial for me.  I often find myself smiling through the pain, which is just as well as I would be crying otherwise:-)  Excellent service and I can't recommend highly enough!"

Louise Parker

I started to see Dave for a monthly massage well over a year ago as a way of treating myself to something I wouldn't normally do.  Now I almost see it as a necessity!  I'm much more aware of my posture and how it can be affected by things like commuting with a heavy laptop bag.  My hairdresser used to be constantly asking me to relax my shoulders as they weren't level and it could affect my haircut but she hasn't done that for months thanks to Dave!

Sue & Tim

Just in a couple of sessions Dave got rid of some knots in my shoulder and back that I’d had for years!  Regular massages with Dave have meant that I feel a foot taller after too much time sitting at a desk working at a computer.  I was so impressed with the quality of the massages that I quickly introduced my partner to Dave and now we are both addicted!

Dan Read

I play semi-professional football and have been a long term sufferer of lower back pain and hamstring strains. After taking one look at my back Dave was able to tell exactly what the problem was and how to treat it.

I have had multiple appointments since then spanning over 6 months and have had no issues with my back or hamstrings, which for me is a miracle! I would highly recommend Dave to anyone reading this who is looking for a top quality massage therapist.'

Alisha Harney

I am a 17 year old female Karate Black belt who has been training since the age of 6.  I have now reached a level where I require professional advice and treatment in order to maintain a high fitness level and freedom from injury.  As part of my training schedule I visit Dave for regular massage and advice.  This has helped me stay injury free whilst aiding recovery between training sessions and competitions. I find Dave’s treatments and advice to be of the highest order on both a personal and professional level and have always felt relaxed and at ease.  His calm, personable manner makes treatment sessions enjoyable and I have no hesitation in recommending him as a therapist.

Jenna Read

Dave is AMAZING! 

I suffer from a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  My condition was made worse from professional dancing (unknown at the time) & came to a head 5 years ago when I damaged my lower back.  In that time I have seen numerous physiotherapists, osteopaths & massage therapists without any improvement. Until Dave. 

The first time I saw Dave he was able to pin point my problem areas without much guidance from me.  I leave each massage with a significant decrease in pain & these benefits last until I see Dave again.  

Dave is the nicest guy you will ever meet & has a gift of making you feel relaxed straight away. If you haven't had a sports massage from Dave you are missing out!

Emily Kuhl

I have always been involved in Sport from a young age, and was a Synchronised Swimmer for 9 years competing at National and International Level. I had always found that my upper back and shoulder hold a lot of tension which causes pain and headaches. I have seen a fair few sport massage therapist's, but since seeing Dave I no longer suffer with the tension and pains. His massages have also helped me improve my posture at work as well as aiding my old sporting injuries. 
Dave is an exceptional therapist with incredible knowledge he instinctively knows where my problem areas are. He makes me feel comfortable and at ease before I even get onto the massage couch. 
Dave is one of the most genuine people that I have ever met, I will continue to use him for my massages and recommend him to anyone. 
Thank you Dave!!

Frank Malton

I’ve been seeing Dave for regularly for some months. I suffer from lower back and neck pain due to the physical job I have, which means lots of lifting and bending.  I’ve tried many types of therapies and without doubt Dave has made all the difference. His deep massage relieves the symptoms and pinpoints the areas and I don’t need to look for more drastic medical intervention. After a massage from Dave I feel I’m able to move more freely and can carry on working. Thanks Dave, really professional’

Matt Slegg

I suffer from constant back and neck pain mainly due to the job I do so a good massage is very important to me. Ive had many massages over the years and without doubt Dave is the best. Not only is he great at what he does, he is  friendly, excellent value and I love the fact he comes to my home. I only wish I could see him every week!

Jonathan Marshall

'I had been suffering with a persistent biceps strain as well as upper back niggles for several years. Seeing Dave for just a few sessions has relieved both the symptoms and improved my flexibility and range of motion enabling me to improve what I can do in the gym. Would recommend him for those resigned to training whilst carrying a long term injury but can actually do something about it!'

Julie Winton

Having an under-active thyroid caused me to put on weight which over time caused pressure on my hips.  I was in almost constant pain with my left hip when I started to see Dave.  Fortunately over a course of 5-6 treatments with Dave, his deep tissue massages ensured a completely pain free me helping me to get my weight off and enabling me to train hard in the gym.  Dave took a real interest in my exercising and what I was doing and was then able to give me invaluable advice on how to stretch the right muscles both during and after exercise.  My routine massages with Dave keep my muscles in great shape and ensures my training is effective by being fully mobilised.

Mark Winton

Following a shoulder operation, Dave helped to rehabilitate the whole of my upper back and shoulders and over a period of 5-6 sessions, I no longer had any residual pain in that region. Life generally seems to tighten up my back and shoulders and as a “MOT service”, regular sessions with Dave help to keep me on the straight and narrow from a physical perspective. I truly believe that one should continue to have physio sessions irrespective of their perceived well-being as this helps to prevent tension creeping
 in - prevention is far less pervasive (and cheaper) than dealing with problems once they are acute.

Gerry Askew

I started getting sports massage from Dave some months ago. Having trained and played sport for most of my life, this was one element of keeping fit that I had not paid too much attention to in the past. Dave had his worked cut out but following several regular sessions, I have found all my muscles groups more relaxed and better equipped to deal with any activity I undertake. I intend to continue to receive Dave's sports massage as part of my training regime going forward and would recommend him to anyone, be they participating in sport or simply wanting to relief the stress of everyday life and to keep healthy.

Rebecca Askew

I was first introduced to Dave on a fitness weekend though a friend. I have to say at first I was a bit apprehensive as I had never had a sports massage before but I can honestly say I felt great afterwards and a neck strain I had endured for months had all but gone. I have continued to use Dave every month and any twinges that are niggling are virtually gone afterwards. I train four times a week and see this as being for of my regime to stay fit healthy. Thank you
Dave can't praise you enough.

Nari Randall

I was introduced to Dave through my Daughters. They were part of the Great Britain Synchronised Swimming Team and swore by him.
I have had major back problems for 30 years and have been having monthly trips to the chiropractor for all this time.
I was hoping that he would be able to at least ease the problem even if he couldn't fix it as I was starting to have to make my Chiropractor trips every three weeks.
After regular treatment I find that I am now able to go back to monthly visits and also have no where near the spasms or pain in my back that I used to.
His massages are not soft, you must be brave, but they are the best I have ever experienced and really work.
Dave Harper is one in a million and truly has the magic touch. 

Aaron Harris

After almost a year of pain through a back and leg injury, due to a disk bulge pressing against my sciatic nerve, and spending over £600 on an osteopath and also avoided back surgery. I have had just 3 sessions with Dave Harper and I have come off amitriptyline, solpadol, naproxen and diclofenac! A truly amazing therapist, I look forward to getting my life back and going back to training at the gym!

Raphael Singh

I have a massage every week with Dave. Dave is one of the best massage therapists I have ever had. I like deep tissue massage and Dave is excellent at working free all my knots.
Apart from his knowledge and skill as a massage therapist,Dave is always smiling and a pleasure to spend an hour with.

Dennis Lam – 68 year old Golfer, Hong Kong, China  

Thanks Dave for most healing sports massage during my short visit to England. Your soft and pin-point therapies on my shoulder and lower back were definitely one of the best I have had. This is no small feat as you managed to detect/relax those tight spots that have bothered me the last 30 years! Keep up the great work and see you soon.

Rob & Kate Munro

We have both been having regular massages from Dave for over two years and would not hesitate to recommend him to all of our friends and family. Dave is a lovely guy who is always smiling and laughing and places you at ease whenever you meet him - you know you are in good hands!
We both enjoy training hard and participating in tough obstacle events and mud runs. Dave has been a pivotal part of our recovery during these times and has enabled us to keep training at the rate that we do. Dave is very knowledgeable and has helped us with any discomfort or problems we've experienced through training injuries, without him working his magic we are certain that we would not be as fit and able as we are. Thanks Dave! 

Catalina Schouten

I first started seeing Dave in January this year on recommendation from a good friend. I had just started training for a marathon and I had previously suffered niggling injuries around my hip/glute/groin area for which I had been seeing my osteopath for 2 years!
I was very worried that I wouldn’t be able to handle the pain and discomfort  as sports massages have a reputation for being very painful - but Dave made feel at ease very quickly.
After the first session I picked up yet another training niggle, this time it was pain in my foot which made me stop dead in my tracks on a training run. I was so upset and panicking that I would have to pull out of the marathon again. Straight away from the first session he identified the pain in my foot was related to extreme tightness in my lower legs and he got to work to release it. Within a couple of weeks I was back to training again and I’m pleased to say successfully completed Brighton marathon in April. 
Dave really is a genuine person who will always do that bit extra to help however he can. I virtually have no arch support in my feet so he suggested taping up my feet to help alleviate the pressure whilst running, and in his own time he looked up how best to do this. It was the best thing he could have recommended and my longer training runs felt much more comfortable.
I loved my sessions – his cracking sense of humour helped (mostly!) to distract me from the discomfort. I can honestly say if it hadn’t been for him I wouldn’t have got to the start line of the marathon, let alone finish it. 
I have now had rather a long break from running but I know I will continue to see Dave. My one regret is that I didn’t start having sports massages earlier. Even for non-sport people they are hugely beneficial, it makes you so much more aware of your body and how everything fits together. 
Thank you so much Dave!
Tony and Shazia

Both Tony and I have been having regular massages with Dave over the past year, since both of us started having problems with our backs. After being in horrendous pain with my back, to the point of tears. I was introduced to Dave by Tony. Since seeing Dave on a monthly basis I no longer suffer with the pain I once felt. I honestly believe he has the hands of a healer. I can't thank him enough. Tony does a lot of weight training, regular massages help him with the recovery process and keeping him supple. Dave is a friendly, professional and happy guy, who puts you at ease as soon as you meet him. I recommend him to everyone. Thank you Dave!

Gary Meek

Following years of weight training and very little stretching my body started to sieze up. Having been recommended to Dave I can not believe the results. Reduced pain, free movement and increased weights. Dave very quickly finds the problem areas and seeks to help your body repair itself. If Carling made a Sports Therapist it would be Dave, Probably the best in the world.

Jeff Lorber
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