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Enjoying Massage in the Workplace
Your first reaction to the thought of a massage at work may be less than positive for several reasons. As you contemplate the idea, you may come up with some of the following:
. Can I really handle the thought of my work colleagues lining up to get undressed  and rubbed with almond oil in the employee lounge?
. What will my (wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend) say?
.Won't the boss think that this kind of massage is a waste of time? Or, if you're
  the boss: Won't my employees take advantage of this and turn the office into a  massage parlor?
. Will I be in an awkward position on a table or chair and look stupid while receiving a massage at work?
. How much will it cost
. Will it mess up my hair?
These concerns are all rational; research and experience can go a long way towards calming your concerns - helping you appreciate a refreshing, healing power of touch.
Braving the benefits
What does corporate massage look like, anyway? Well, imagine this scenario: It's late in the day. The whole department has been under intense pressure to wrap up that humongous project you've been working on for 6 months. Nerves are frayed. No one can think about anything but escape. Then right on, this healthy looking individual  holding a strange, padded chair like contraption that he proceeds to unfold over in one corner of the office. This is the "corporate massage" that your boss promised.
 One brave soul offers to go first, and the rest of you watch while he sits down fully clothed on the chair, which seems to support all his weight easily at the knees, elbows, chest and head. As he he leans forward and relaxes, you can feel the pressure on your own limbs start to dissipate, too. The massage therapist begins with some strong kneading of the shoulders and upper back.
 "Ah, this is great" roars your work colleague through the circular face rest. Quietly, but quickly, people start to drift over to that side of the office.
Scenarios like this one can actually occur.
Massage in the workplace has many benefits, including the following:
Increases employee morale
Lowers stress
Decreases overuse injuries
Offers employees something new and different.
The benefits of this type of massage quickly outweigh the concerns:
Nobody has to undress, and they really don't want their hair messed up, they just have to ask the massage therapist not to massage their head.
The boss realize that a happy employees are productive employees.o feel grateful and be more responsible
Employees who receive this extra benefit are more likely to be more responsible.
The list below are more reasons why, massage at work is a great thing.
For your company
. Massage at work boosts productivity
. Massage at work increase employee loyalty, motivation, and morale.
. Massage at work reduces sick days, stress- related illness and repetitive use      injuries.
. Massage at work rewards employees ( cost less than a dinner and pub night out)
For your Employees
. Massage at work alleviates stress, tension, pain, stiffness, and mental fatigue.
. Massage at work enhances creativity, energy, and focus.
. Massage at work heightens a sense of value and appreciation.
. Massage at work elevates levels of natural "feel good" endorphins.
For your Events
. Massage at work captivates audiences at trade shows and sales events.
. Massage at work refreshes conference and seminars attendees.
. Massage at work promotes loyalty by treating your customers and clients like  VIPs         
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