Company Name - Peaceful body, Peaceful mind
GROUP OFFERS at your home (available Saturdays & Sundays)
If you have a group of 3 or more of your friends that would like a massage, you will get yours free, as a thank you from us.
 You will decide amongst your friends the time of the day, that they would like their massage.
Reasons for having a massage at home.
1. We come to you, while you don't have to stress while being in the traffic.
2. You don't have to move much, if you're in pain.
3. After the massage, you're relaxed and may want to sleep or just lounge around in your own environment.        
4. You don't have to leave your house if it's raining.
5. Avoid being out and about and oily.
6. Cut cost of travelling, fuel and car parking.
7. Who likes driving after a massage, because you're probably be too relaxed.